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Rockwool and The Toxic Environment

Posted by moto on Sep 24, 2018 5:27:21 PM

On Friday, I spoke with Senator Manchin's Chief of Staff. He informed me that Senator Manchin believes Rockwool needs a seat at the table for the summit still tentatively scheduled for this Thursday.

I reported this news to the Jefferson Vision board. They weren't very happy about this development. We had both understood that only Senator Manchin's constituencies would be included.

To ensure a productive meeting, I have filed an HR complaint with Rockwool against a Rockwool senior executive for failure to comply with their code of conduct. I have requested in the letter that Rockwool be represented in the meeting by an Integrity Officer.

It appears Rockwool's work environment is as toxic as their factories.


In other news, I'm starting a Meet-Up for everyone with a business, anyone who would like to start a business or anyone who ever interacts with any businesses anywhere in the world (restaurants, car manufacturers, builders, coffee shops, smart phone manufacturers).

It's the "Alt-JCDA"! -- We're going to help our local businesses and recruit the kind of businesses we WANT here in Jefferson County. We will also work to keep out businesses that are NOT compatible with Jefferson County (you know what I'm taking about).

This is CRONY CAPITALISM at it's best! Because we're all invited!

First one is tomorrow! Even if it's just us, join me for a drink and some snacks. And we'll have a lot more fun than that other JCDA (the Jefferson County Development Authority)!

For those who don't know what I'm talking about -- the JCDA is featured in my Forbes piece.

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